Withdrawal Management:

Admission to the Withdrawal Management Program is through Mental Health and Substance Use Services.  Phone number: (250) 331-8642

Focus is on withdrawal management, nutrition, sleep hygiene, addressing physical and mental wellness concerns and creating healthy daily routines.


Supportive Recovery:

This is a sheltered program with an emphasis on recovery from substance use that has negatively impacted residents’ lives.

Staff work with each woman to carry out her individual recovery plan that includes substance use education, safety planning, relapse prevention skills, harm reduction, developing healthy routines, building healthy supportive relationships, self-care, problem solving, stress management, exercise, recreation and relaxation.

Referrals are made and connections facilitated to community resources that can offer additional supports.

Residents will connect with the local Recovery community.

Transition planning for reintegration back to each resident’s community includes planning for ongoing recovery support, education, employment and housing.

Residents are supported to connect with the cultural, social or faith communities of their choosing.


Daily Schedule:

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