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Does Amethyst House accept pregnant women?

Amethyst House will accept pregnant women and will support their pregnancy care and assist them in planning for the future


Will I have to share a bedroom?

Each resident has her own bedroom.  Almost all bedrooms have a private bathroom.


What disabilities can Amethyst House accommodate?

Women must be able to manage the activities of daily living.  Each situation will be reviewed to determine if a woman is able to manage living in a residential setting with others.  Amethyst House is fully wheelchair accessible, with the exception of laundry facilities.  Women who use wheelchairs will be assisted with laundry.


What about prescription medications?

Prescription medications must be blister-packed and will be secured by staff.  For women who are prescribed Methadose, arrangement will be made with a doctor and the pharmacy of our choice.


Can I leave Amethyst House to go to appointments of run errands?

In the early stages, residents will not leave Amethyst House except on medical appointments when accompanied by staff.  Over time, residents may leave for other necessary purposes and will be accompanied by staff or volunteers.  In the late stages of her stay, each resident will practice having unaccompanied outings in preparation for the transition to home.


Can I have visitors?

Guest visits at Amethyst House will be on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Residents and staff will work together to determine each woman’s readiness to reconnect with supportive family and friends.


Can children visit their mothers?

Supervised visits with children can be arranged at Amethyst House during regular visiting hours on weekends.  Opportunities for other visits with children may be arranged with the Program Coordinator.


Can I make phone calls?

Cell phones, laptops and other electronics will be collected and safely stored upon arrival.  In the early stages, phone calls will be limited and will be made in the presence of staff.  Phone usage will be gradually increased.  Residents are asked to be mindful of time spent on the phone.  Calls should be limited to 10-15 minutes.


Do I have to go through the Stabilization Program in order to enter the Supportive Recovery Program?

Not necessarily.  Women returning from programs in other regions may wish to enter the Supportive Recovery Program upon their return to the Comox Valley while they build local support.


Will I be allowed to smoke tobacco?

There is a designated outdoor smoking area that is away from the building’s doors and windows.  Residents may not go outside to smoke between ___ and ____p.m.


What happens when I leave?

Through regular check-ins by phone or in person, Amethyst House staff continue to offer support for maintaining positive change after residents leave.  Past residents are invited to Amethyst House for a celebration lunch at one year of sobriety.  Women who have a minimum of 12 months substance free recovery are encouraged to volunteer.